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GREER FILMS | est 2018.


Our Purpose

To Create

Greer Films is a creative studio, where Production House & Marketing Agency live in the one studio. We deliver unique, custom & professional marketing materials to clients over Australia. We range in business, organizations, education, entertainment, personal & event solutions. 


Our Why

Our goal is to empower other business, individuals or organizations to Think outside the Square. Creating unique & custom solutions is just one part of this goal. The other includes working with clients to discuss dreams, goals & strategy to achieve them. If we can help you feel empowered, confident & ready to chase your goals - then we have done our part. You don't have to have professional solutions for everything, but we are here if you need us. 


We represent our mission, vision & values. Both internal & external to the studio.

We are the Greer Films Crew

250A1793 (1).jpg
Pat greer

Production Director

Mo Greer

Creative Director

250A1796 (1).jpg
jeremy cummings

Production Assistant

crew 2024-7 (1).jpg
kayla anlezark

Social Media

ruby mcrobert

Social Media


Our Mission

Creating Outside the Box - Together

Our Vision

To create unique & impacting outcomes for our clients

& for us as creators. Building lasting relationships to ensure

we have trust, understanding & enthusiasm for every

project & clients' vision & destination.

Our Values

We get the tasks done, while focusing on everyone's results

We are family. We are community. We are a team

Honest & open communication is held at a high regard

Our Commitment - We are level 11

We understand the impact of our creations & drive

We can all be better

We trust the creative & strategic processes

Everyone is valued for their ideas, input & contribution

Internal & external collaborations are celebrated 

Rest & Recover - don't burn out

Relationship internal & external are key

Enabling others to have a voice & express themselves

All skills are valued & encouraged

Leadership is key to our individual & community success

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