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Its time to put your ideas and goals in a strategy for business, marketing and branding. To have successful connections you need to work on these key elements. We offer a consultation service to do just this, or if you have an idea and just wanted it formatted in front of you - we do this too. 

Mindset can affect your outcome - Fail Forward

Brand development

(verb) -The art & science of influencing perception about a product, service or organization. 
An audience will recognize & connect with your branding more than your logo. This is an important element of any successful business, organization, community or school to communicate visually. 

Combining your name, term, symbol & design

Typography Design


While examples certainly fit under the graphic design definition, the term encompasses a lot: logo design, business cards, signs, posters, labels - the list goes on. However our team works to understand your branding & message to create your idea & bring it to life. 

Designing is Creating


Websites are still a big part of our online presence. This platform can be to inform, connect, sell or many things in one. Developing a website should be coexistent with your branding, your goals & needs. Our websites are built with WIX and we share the knowledge with our clients, as we value your input & position as a business or organization. 

Let's Build Together



Photography is the art, application & practice of creating lasting images. Our range includes stylized profiles, product & business photography. We are not limited to above and always happy to discuss your project to assist in the right solution for you. 

Capture outside the Square



When sound communicates faster than seeing, the power of sound, a voice and message hold power. Maybe you want a point of difference on the radio, need to add something to your latest social content or impacting voice over on your TVC. Greer Films has the team to develop ideas, conceptualize & create with you. 

The Power of Sound



It's important to have an effective social media strategy which aligns with your goals and planning. We offer social media management to benefit you in many shapes and forms. Each business, organization or individual has different needs. Therefore we want to understand your values, purpose and pain points, to create the right solution for you. 

Post with a Purpose


Like blogging & vlogging, podcasting is a way to connect with an audience as you share your experiences, point of view or discussions. You may connect with an audience not before possible through other platforms. This is achievable as a solo creator, however you may wish to explore professional productions, now offered by our team.

Let's Start


As a Marketing Agency & Production House in one Creative Studio - explore our videography options to compliment your "More Than Video" selection

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