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TV commercials help to drive more traffic to website and social media pages - when executed with your brand and audience in mind. Customers are more likely to click on a paid social campaign once they've seen your TV commercial.

Is TVC the next step for you?

Promotional productions

Using video to communicate to inform your target audience of relative merits of product, service, brand or key information. The aim of your promotion should be to increase awareness, interest, sales or to create loyalty. You may use video to focus on one (or more) of the 4Ps.
Product | Price | Place | Promotion

Express Yourself

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Event videography can highlight your event to thank supporters, while being a production to highlight for the following year. A great way to capture for everyone involved and to celebrate over and over. 

Consider other productions that compliment your next event, such as Live Stream, Interviews and more. 

live streaming

Greer Films offers Live Streaming for a range of needs. From Weddings, Funerals, & more. Allowing many to be part of your events to ensure they can be watch on from anywhere. With custom graphics included for the added touch of connection & celebration. 

Celebrate in the Now

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Training & information

Need some older training videos updated with new information? Maybe you have grown your team and want to create a consistent message over and over. Making sure your workers or volunteers understand safety & steps to ensure others are safe? We can come on site or include much important information into your next production. 

Training and information videos are a great way to achieve this.

vlog productions

Share your experiences, thoughts, idea and point of view with your audience. A Vlog can be created and shared on many platforms for your audience to experience. Greer Films can help get you started or create a professional, stylized vlog for you to deliver your message. 

Start your Video Blog & Connect


music & DANCE video productions

Why do a music or dance video? 
Empower your music, yourself & audience to share in the experience of your sound or performance. 
Create & explore the visual representation or aspects of your song & album. Showcase your dance talents and capture moments only available through video.
Connect beyond sound & include sight for a lasting connection. 

Ignite your Soul.

As a Production House & Marketing Agency in one Creative Studio - explore our More than Video options to compliment your Videography selection

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